Huge news website DailyDot just promoted the watching of illegal anime streams. Let that sink in for a moment. A site that has 275,000 Twitter followers, and 1.7 Million Facebook likes, just posted an article on where to find Anime on YouTube, with most of the videos already taken down because they were illegal uploads!

Just shameful.

DailyDot Anime

I’m not linking the site itself as this practice shouldn’t be supported with the ad revenue you’ll give it.

Of the 16 shows, K-Pop fan Sherry Tucci, links to in the article, nine of them are unauthorised uploads, two of them are already taken down due to being unauthorised uploads, one is from GundamInfo (which is Iron-Blooded Orphans, so you should check that out), and the other’s are from FUNimation, which are legal.

Why is this bad for DailyDot?

Despite what people think, unauthorised uploading of content on YouTube can hurt the creator, especially in a situation like this, where if Tucchi just clicked a little further, she’d notice that Ghost Stories is streaming on Crunchyroll legally, ad-supported just like YouTube. You don’t need to watch an illegal stream of something when the legal version is sitting there and is helping support the Japanese creators.

While yes, on some level this is a legal issue, to me it’s more of a moral one. I love Anime, I want to see it grow, so I want to support it with my money (or eyeballs), and yes, in some respects the Japanese licensing system is broken. Japan is learning though, it’s slowly getting better and the revenue brought back to the Production Committees (not the studios) have grown in the last few years due to international streaming. With Netflix and Amazon in the game now too, that pool of money is just going to get bigger.


This is the kind of stuff we have to stop.

The main point is, if you’re a news site, like DailyDot, a YouTuber, or just someone with a following, don’t link to illegal streams, it makes you seem like you don’t know what you’re talking about, or don’t care enough. We all know Torrents, unauthorised streaming, and downloading exist, it doesn’t need to be advertised. It’d be like DailyDot championing to torrent Marvel’s Daredevil, even though it’s on Netflix.

We’ll be posting more on where to find legal streaming sites and it’s effects on the industry soon, so keep coming back!



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