With this years AKB48 Janken Taikai having come to an end, it’s time to recap the surprising results as well as all announcements that happened during intense event!

A new Janken Taikai unit has been born!

This years Janken Taikai was quite different from previous years. This years Janken block Winners would be entered to be a part of a new unit who would releasing a single. Meanwhile the runner-ups placed in 8-16 would provide the coupling song for the release. However, when the 7 members for the unit were decided, there still needed to be decided upon a Center. It was then up to Komiyama Haruka, Nozawa Rena, Takeuchi Saki, Yumoto Ami, Fukuoka Seina, Shibuya Nagisa, and Tanabe Miku to battle it out & decide on a Center. And that’s exactly what happened.

After more battles the only ones that were left were Yumoto Ami and Tanabe Miku. And when the decisive battle took place the results were…

First off, Congratulations to Tanabe Miku for winning this years Janken Taikai!

Now to be honest, I did not know who Tanabe was until this but man, I’m glad I know who she is now because I love her a lot. She was so adorable. And even though she wasn’t someone I was cheering for winning, I’m glad she won because as a very overlooked 3rd Generation member (the same generation as all star members Watanabe Mayu Kashiwagi Yuki) she really deserves this time to shine! Especially, after finding out she’s one of the most hardworking members within the 48Group. Tanabe is apparently the 4th member with the most Theater performances. Her outfit was really fun as well, being a kinda reference to the fact that she often likes to drink beers.

Memorable Moments in the 2016 Janken Taikai

As for other highlights within the Janken itself. One of them has to be my Oshimen Okada Nana cosplaying with her little sister as Rem & Ram from Re:Zero. However just like in Re:Zero, she lost to Yamada Marina who cosplayed as Emilia. Another highlight was Miyawaki Sakura inheriting the “Kamen” title from Kojima Haruna. This year at the Senbatsu Sousenkyo we had Nyan Nyan Kamen & the Janken Taikai we had Saku Saku Kamen! And finally, the surprisingly adorable Tanabe Miku who won the Center position for the unit single!


However, just like every other big event the 48Group has, it wouldn’t be complete without some announcements! The first being when the event itself started. The event was opened with the first performance of AKB48‘s 46th single, titled “High Tension” which was really surprising. Not only because of it coming out of nowhere but also of the fact that it’s a really good song!

However that wasn’t the only big announcement. After Tanabe won the tournament, a video was shown which announced that Japan will be getting a new 48 sister group! In Summer 2017, STU48 (SeToUchi48) will be cruising across 7 prefectures in Japan. Yes, Cruising. This is because STU48 will be performing on a cruise ship which is also where their theater will be located.

Now I’m personally quite conflicted by this. This is because of the fact that NGT48 still needs to release a debut single, yet they’re already starting work on the next sister group… Something just doesn’t feel right there. Also the fact that it’s located on a cruise ship is interesting to say the least.

Additionally, we audio live streamed ourselves watching the Janken Taikai. So if you want to hear my or other people’s live reactions to certain events you can do so.

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