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Between the Tones of Bungou Stray Dogs

The past week or so I’ve been catching up to Takuya Igarashi’s latest endeavor Bungou Stray Dogs as part of my big Spring 2016 marathon now that shows are coming to a...

/ June 23, 2016

Not all Fanservice is sexual, and not all Sexuality is Fanservice

The term “Fanservice” seems to have become a buzzword that is used to describe each and every show in the Ecchi-genre nowadays. Does it feature girls in underwear? That’s fanservice! No,...

/ June 20, 2016

Does being “intentionally bad” make “Mayoiga: The Lost Village” a better show?

About a week ago, our guest writer Callum wrote an article on this website regarding this season’s absurdist comedy Mayoiga: The Lost Village and how despite popular opinion the show was...

/ June 11, 2016

Super Lovers: An Anime About Family, Identity, and Acceptance

Super Lovers first season has just come to a close, but the second season renewal was just announced on Wednesday, June 8th! It will be coming out January of 2017...

/ June 10, 2016