Fans of the manga Black Clover are no doubt excited that their beloved manga is getting the anime treatment. Though the fact that Studio Pierrot will be heading animation caused scepticism, actual important staff members have been announced.

Does Black Clover have magical staff?

It has been revealed that Tatsuya Yoshihara will be directing the Black Clover anime at Studio Pierrot. Kazuyuki Fudeyasu will be handling series composition, Itsuko Takeda the character designs, with Kumiko Tokunaga assisting in that role. Minako Seki will be composing the soundtrack. This staff is somewhat interesting as Yoshihara has most recently worked on Monster Musume and Long Riders, so it’ll be something to see him tackle a battle shonen.

Behind Black Clover is Studio Pierrot

Studio Pierrot will be the main production studio for the Black Clover anime, which makes some people worried. This is because some focus on a few cases and don’t look further than a studio name. A name which might not have anything to do with the problem one finds with the show. The studio is known for “messing up” shows, mostly with claims that they add too much filler or drag out anime like Naruto or Twin Star Exorcists.

People discussing Pierrot on a Reddit thread on Twin Star Exorcists

As some will tell you the studio doesn’t really matter, most staff in anime are freelancers, meaning that any staff that studios have in-house aren’t always the ones overseeing productions. For example, Tomohisa Taguchi, the director of Twin Star Exorcists, who previously worked on the Persona 3 films, which were produced at AIC and A-1. Not to mention the fact that the studio doesn’t have full control of things like episode counts. The production committee are important and decide these things!

So, it’s been established that the studio isn’t inherently responsible for things. There are still specific complaints people have about Pierrot shows.

Pierrot Shows Filled with Filler?

Complaints about Naruto Shippuden’s large about of anime original content are nothing new. Complaints amplified after the original manga concluded. The Naruto manga ended in November 2014, the anime ended just three months ago. Personally, I’d say complaints about the length of the Naruto anime are valid. The series has been going a long time and fans wanted to see their beloved anime conclude. However, the complaints are being somewhat misdirected. It’s important to understand who would want Naruto on the television every week for over a decade. Shueisha, who get to have a 30 minute commercial for one of their most popular properties on TV, and TV Tokyo, who get great ratings for the anime, cause y’know, Naruto is huge.

While Pierrot likely does make a profit from Naruto, I believe it is much more likely that the other two companies were the ones that wanted it on the air. This was a very handy advertising tool, even if Shueisha isn’t on the production committee for Naruto. The same can probably be said for Twin Star Exorcists. Pierrot is not fully responsible for the series length (if responsible at all, it’s hard to tell without a word from the studio). It could also be said that Pierrot gets brought on these projects by producers at TV Tokyo since they’ve shown that they have the infrastructure to handle long running anime. Another thing that should be noted is that there are a tonne of Pierrot shows that aren’t long like Sabagebu!

In fact, that brings us to the next show that is infamously “the fault” of Pierrot…

Tokyo Ghoul’s Horrifying Anime Adaptation

The Tokyo Ghoul anime, at least compared to its manga, has seen less widespread enjoyment from fans. For the first season, it’s criticised for its brisk pace, at an insane 66 chapters in 12 episodes. For the second season, it’s departure from the manga is what makes fans critical of it. Tokyo Ghoul is a common series to be seen discussed in the context of “Studio Clown ruins good manga” so I think it’s important to explain why that’s misguided. I’m not going to tell you that you can’t trash the Tokyo Ghoul anime, that’s not my place. However, there are reasons that go beyond “It’s Studio Clown”.

A studio is not a person, a studio cannot direct an anime, a studio cannot write an anime. There are actual people working on anime who make decisions on what will happen. Tokyo Ghoul is directed by Shuhei Morita, the writing was handled by Chuuji Mikasano. That’s not to mention the numerous producers who probably some sort of decisions. A building or concept like a “studio” can’t make these choices, the people working on the show can. A studio cannot throw out Ishida’s outlines that “would make the show a masterpiece!” or anything like that. Please don’t talk about the company name on the box, talk about the actual staff.

Rounding off…

So back to Black Clover, will the anime be any good?  We can’t know yet until it comes out. When it does come out, it’s quality won’t be determined by the name Studio Pierrot. It will be determined by the name Tatsuya Yoshihara, and the many other men and women who’ll be working hard to make it a success.

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  1. I bet you feel stupid now. Studio does matter. Can you say with honesty that MHA would’ve been as well made if it were done by Pierrot instead of Bones, with mostly the same staff? We shouldn’t lie to ourselves. The core members and backbone of a studio is what is the most important for an overall great production. Pierrot are horrible in multiple aspects. Studio DOES matter.


    1. If Nagasaki directed MHA at Pierrot, it would have likely had much of the same staff, especially if it had the same producers.


    2. Eh, can’t really say I do feel stupid, MHA with the same staff would be mostly the same at Pierrot, it’d be slightly different sure (Yutapon for instance is heavily tied to Bones) but for the most part most of what made MHA so good was Nagasaki’s strong connections which he’d be able to utilize even at Pierrot.


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