NBCUniversal, the rights holder for the new series of Berserk, released a new “Animation” trailer today that showcases its CGI-style of animation.

Berserk is an adaption of Kentaro Muira’s boat simulator manga, being directed by Shin Itagaki (Teekyuu, Ben-To) at LIDEN FILMS, and focuses on the “Black Swordsman” arc of the series, continuing from where the films left off.

I’m not one to judge stuff prematurely, but in an age where video game trailers look better than the final product to make sure that sweet sweet pre-order cash is flowing before people realise their mistake and try and get their money back on Watch_Dogs but can’t because your local EB Games already have too many returns and they don’t do that after 14 days…

Look, I’m salty guys, very salty. Watch_Dogs 2 will not fix that.

The point is, trailers are suppose to showcase the best something has to offer to bait you into the rest of it. Sometimes this works well, like Civil War, or poorly, like Ghostbusters, which I found to be one of the unfunniest things in year.

This should be the same here with Berserk, but what they gave us wasn’t an upgrade to the poor trilogy of the past, it looked like a PS2 game, with PS2 level shading.

CGI animation can be good, Ajin looked alright, Ladybug looks pretty nice, but when you’re using CGI animation and trying to make it look 2D, you’re going to get this uncanny valley effect that just doesn’t sit well with people. Either embrace the CGI and go full hog (24 frames and all), OR do what most other anime are doing these days and use a mix of CGI elements and 2D elements to make a show that people won’t stop praising for being the best thing ever.

It doesn’t have to be one or the other.

Did Berserk need to be CG?

They also announced the following cast that’ll join the returning cast from the film in the series:

As well as a new Key Visual:


New Key Visual, love the way Casca is portrayed!

So what do you think of the new Berserk anime? Are you looking forward to it?

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  1. They should have done something similar to the new Ushio and Tora, which managed to balance a clean, modern look while maintaining the 80s/90s style


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