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Avid reader of otokonoko manga and fan of slice of life. Interests include otaku cultural studies and writing fiction. Alex Jackson is a pen name.

Kiss Him, Not Me! adds Cast

New news about the upcoming shoujo anime Kiss Him, Not Me, an adaption of the reverse harem manga by Junko has been revealed, and it’s quickly shot up my list...

/ July 13, 2016

The Sweet Simplicity of Hanayome wa Motodanshi

I’ve recently been learning about the idea of primary sources and secondary sources, and how they have different purposes.  Most manga would be a secondary sources on any given topic,...

/ July 8, 2016

Funimation Adds Four More Summer 2016 Anime

The Summer 2016 anime season is approaching, and streaming services are going full speed ahead with new licenses. Today, Funimation has announced their second batch of new upcoming shows!

/ June 30, 2016

Little Witch Academia TV Anime Announced!

Good news for fans of Little Witch Academia! A TV Anime has been announced today at the end of the Trigger spectacle series, Space Patrol Luluco and on the official Little Witch...

/ June 25, 2016
UQ Holder

UQ Holder! to get Anime series!

Good news and bad news for UQ Holder! fans has just been announced. The good news is that the announcement teased a bit ago is an anime!

/ June 18, 2016

Weekly Shonen Magazine Announces an UQ Holder Announcement

Announcements about announcements aren’t all the uncommon when it comes to manga magazines. UQ Holder is the latest manga to get that treatment. These announcements are built to hype people up, and...

/ June 18, 2016

New Original Anime, Shuumatsu no Izetta announced!

A new original anime called Shuumatsu no Izetta has just been announced and it came with a very interesting trailer. Original anime are much rarer these days with the advent...

/ June 11, 2016