With the 2nd installment of the Love Live franchise, Love Live! Sunshine!! airing in less than a month as well as having 2 singles and the first singles for the sub-units out, I thought I’d sit down and take a look at the 9 girls who give life to the animated counterparts of Sunshine’s School Idol Group, Aqours.

The Faces behind Aqours

Kobayashi Aika voices Tsushima Yoshiko Yohane (Guilty Kiss member)


Kobayashi made her debut as a singer back in 2011 by providing the Ending songs for Freezing & Queen’s Blade Rebellion, however she’s also a talented dancer considering she started ballet at the age of 5 with her best dance styles currently being Hip-Hop, R&B and LA-style. In addition Kobayashi’s goal is to become a multi-singer.

Kobayashi’s hobbies include photography of which you can see some examples on her Instagram as well as Western-style clothing, even though she’s lately taken a liking towards Yoshiko‘s dressing style by dressing in all black. Kobayashi’s also a fan of various K-Pop groups with her favorite being SHINee. She’s also able to eat anything, with her favorite foods being strawberries and chicken karaage. You can also follow Kobayashi on Twitter as well as on her Blog.


Furihata Ai voices Kurosawa Ruby (CYaRon member)


Furihata describes herself as being similar to her Aqours counterpartRuby in the way that she as well gets flustered and cries easily. However she’s quite talented considering she has a Word Processor Practical Certification in Grade 2 as well as a Calligraphy Skill Certification in Grade 3.

Furihata also likes to spend her time listening to music & collecting T-shirts however she also likes to draw with these drawing being able to be seen on her Twitter as well as her Instagram. She also has a very obvious love for pandas.


Takatsuki Kanako voices Kunikida Hanamaru (AZALEA member)


Takatsuki has liked J-POP and idols such as Matsuura Aya and Morning Musume since elementary school before becoming part of Aqours. She entered the Himawari Theatre Group and studied acting after graduating from junior high school. She used to work at Music Cafe&Bar 441 and AkihabaraFUN, the latter being a singing idol bar in Akihabara. In addition she also worked as a part-time maid at the Anison Cafe, a shop where maids sing anime songs. But the singing of anime songs didn’t end there, she also was part of an Anisong cover band named Lunchpack MURDERS. She eventually received her major debut in 2012 with a single entitled Bonjou Cinderella No Shiruke No Aru Onegai. She’s also a vocalist of the band Mimi.

As her history shows Takatsuki loves to sing, to the point that she even does fan covers of songs and releases them onto Nico Nico some of which are LiSA songs of who she’s a fan of and she even performed her covers at live events. Takatsuki is also an active cosplayer, having cosplayed Yazawa Nico in the past. In addition to singing Takatsuki has other interests, such as games, anime, playing the guitar & foreign dramas. She specifically likes zombie-themed games, Takatsuki even plays PlayStation 4 games every Tuesday for Dengeki PlayStation on their NicoNico Live Community.

Takatsuki’s liking of idols hasn’t died down either considering she’s a big fan of AKB48, and had even thought of entering the group at one point. She’s a fan of Kojima Haruna and even went to a handshake event.

Additionally, Takatsuki’s favorite food is yakitori, however she also really likes curry to the point that she eats curry four days a week with her favorites being Indian, and Thai curry. You can also follow Takatsuki on Twitter if you wish to do so.


Saitou Shuka voices Watanabe You (CYaRon member)


Saitou likes to spend her time listening to music, watching DVDs and taking walks. She also loves sports, especially badminton which she’s good at. She’s in addition good at dancing which she’s been doing since 2007, she’s especially good in Jazz & Hip-Hop. Saitou’s also talented in calligraphy. Additionally, Saitou’s quite addicted to cooking with her favorite foods being fruits, hamburgers, melon bread as well as snacks. Saitou also has a Twitter account if you wish to follow her on there.


Inami Anju voices Takami Chika (CYaRon member)


Inami got to know of Love Live! through Love Live! School Idol Festival when a friend introduced it to her. Ever since she’s been a fan of Love Live! to the point that she has bought merchandise, as well as balloted for concert tickets.

Inami has had prior experience with voice acting, having voiced characters in games, as well as sang opening songs before. Inami has also acted in various stage play adaptions such as the Fairy Tail (as Angel), Naruto (as Yamanaka Ino) & Danganronpa 2 (as Mioda Ibuki).

Inami likes to spend her time watching movies both in the cinema and on DVD, as well as going to the aquarium alone. She also a good singer and loves karaoke, to the point that she can sing without noticing that she isn’t holding the microphone. In addition, Inami looks up to her fellow voice actress Hirano Aya as they share the same ambition of becoming successful in the music industry. Inami also knows karate, which she did for three years in middle school.

Inami describes herself as a very carefree person, but can make snap decisions. She also likes to eat with her favorite food being meat, mostly chicken meat. In addition, much like Chika, she likes mikan a lot, to the point that she can eat one or two a day during the winter. However unlike Chika, she also loves shiokara and only drinks black coffee. Similarly to the previous Aqours members, Inami has a Twitter as well as a Blog if you wish to follow her on those platforms.


Aida Rikako voice Sakurauchi Riko (Guilty Kiss member)


Aida’s childhood dream was to be a singer, and she has idolized Hamasaki Ayumi ever since she was young. She also liked Sailor Moon since she was young with her favorite character being Aino Minako. Even to this day she’s a fan of Sailor Moon and has merchandise of the series. She even used to dress up as Sailor Moon at the earliest age of 6. Her favorite school subjects were arts and crafts, and music, which continued to interest her from her childhood onwards.

In high school, upon watching a certain anime, Aida thought that it would be nice if she could voice act as well. She realized that becoming a voice actress would not be easy, so she started giving it her all to become one, however before she became a voice actress, she acted in various movies and stage plays.

Aida is able to speak English as well as play the guitar. She also claims to be good at table tennis as well as having taken Judo lessons in the past. In addition, Aida idolizes fellow voice actress Kitamura Eri and voice actor Ishida Akira.

Aida’s ability to speak English is most likely due to the fact that she lived in Los Angeles for three years, she has even said that if she was to go on an outing, her ideal place for it would be Los Angeles and New York. In addition to Los Angeles, Aida has also gone to South Korea with her wanting to visit France one day as well. She is currently working hard at making cooking one of her talents and specializing in egg dishes. However her specialty dish is tomato curry.

Aida also drinks liquor in moderate amounts, with one of her favorite drinks being Sangria. In addition Aida likes mango-flavored food and sour food and her favorite ice cream is Yukimi Daifuku.

Additionally, Aida appears to be an indoor-type of person, having a weakness towards insects and painful things such as injections. She describes herself as a sloppy person who does not mind minor details much even though her room is extremely tidy but filled with lots of PET bottles. In addition, Aida also has a Twitter account just like the members before her.


Suzuki Aina voices Ohara Mari (Guilty Kiss member)


Back in school, Suzuki was good at Music & English (even having a level 3 certification now), however her favorite subject was Physical Education. She used to be in the track and field club and she was both a middle and long-distance runner who usually run 100m up to 1000m distances. Other sports she likes outside of running are ball-based sports like volleyball, basketball, and soccer. However, despite liking these sports, she isn’t very good at them.

Suzuki appears to be quite skilled at cooking, and likes Western food but the meal she likes the most is curry. Her ideal day-off is either shopping with her friends or playing games at home. But if she was to go somewhere for a holiday, she would travel to a warmer place like Okinawa or overseas with these overseas locations a cultural heritage site, or the beach.

Suzuki likes to sing, draw, and watch Anime. She is also quite skilled at singing folk songs which she has been learning since she was 6, she especially like Hokkaido folk songs which she tends to sing during festivals. In addition, she’s also an All-Japan Folk Song champion.

Suzuki also likes to listen to various music genres but mainly listens to Anime songs, English songs, and classical music. In addition, Suzuki won the championship for the 7th All-Japan Anison Grand Prix Sapporo qualifying tournament, and was one of the Best Top 3 in the grand finals. She states that thanks to the Anisong Grand Prix, she was able to gain more self-confidence, even though she isn’t very good at ad-libbing. Suzuki also admires and aspires to be like Mizuki Nana, for being both a voice actress and singer, a radio host, a narrator, and having acted in various things as well.

In addition, Suzuki also seems to like calligraphy, and dancing. As well as liking games of the Fantasy genre. You can also follow her on Twitter if you wish to do so.


Suwa Nanaka voices Matsuura Kanan (AZALEA member)


Suwa has prior voice acting experience, having voiced the character Yaya in the anime World War Blue, as well as the character March in the game Syanago Collection. In addition, Suwa has been cast as a radio personality on radio shows.

Suwa likes to spend her time watching movies, playing games, and taking walks. She’s quite talented at playing the piano as well as being a good dancer. She’s also good at calligraphy, as well as putting on yukatas and hakamas. Suwa’s also good with English and a fan of Hidamari Sketch. Additionally, Suwa also a Twitter account just like the previous Aqours members.


Komiya Arisa voices Kurosawa Dia (AZALEA member)


In junior high school, Komiya was part of the Art Club and entered the Dance Club for a year when she was in high school. Komiya has worked as both an actress and a gravure idol before, and is known for starring in Toei’s 36th entry in the long running Super Sentai franchise, Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters as Usami Youko, also known as Yellow Buster. Which is quite fitting considering since childhood she wanted to be a Gaoranger, Gaoranger being the 25th entry in the Super Sentai franchise.

Komiya’s hobbies include dancing which she’s quite good at as well as collecting and reading manga, especially shinsengumi manga. This interest for shinsengumi manga comes from the person she likes the most from the Edo Period, that being Hijikata Toshizou. She also likes Gintama, with her favorite character being Okita Sougo.

Komiya is also good at classical ballet, as well as being good at drawing. Her favorite foods are Omurice, kaihimo (shellfish straps), egg dishes, and avocado. With her favorite desserts being pudding, ice cream, and chocolate. Additionally, Komiya likes to listen to K-Pop songs with her favorite K-Pop groups being Girl’s Generation, 2PM, and Super Junior. Unfortunately, unlike her fellow Aqours members, Komiya is the only one without a Twitter account, however she does have a Blog.

Update: She has one now!

I hope that after reading all of this background information on Aqours’ members you might have started to like some members more who you might not have had any interest in prior to reading this, because I know I sure have.

Love Live! Sunshine!! will be directed by Sakai Kazuo who directed Mushi-Uta as well Episodes 7 & 12 of the first season of Love Live! School Idol Project. Hanada Jukki will be in charge of the series composition who’s previous works the series composition of Steins;Gate and Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions!. And finally, Katou Tatsuya will be in charge of the music, having worked previously on all of Fate/Kaleid liner Prisma Illya as well as both seasons of Free!.

Love Live! Sunshine!! starring the girls of Aqours will start airing on Saturday July 2nd with no confirmed episode count as of writing this.

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