Announcements about announcements aren’t all the uncommon when it comes to manga magazines. UQ Holder is the latest manga to get that treatment. These announcements are built to hype people up, and they work. We have no idea what this announcement is for, but I’m at the edge of my seat hoping for an anime adaptation of one of my favorite ongoing manga!

Sometimes this hype leads to disappointment. One I can remember is the announcement that they would announce a new Actually I Am (or Jitsu wa Watashi wa) project made hope for a second season only to get a stage play.  Disappointment is just a part of this, part of the fun is seeing if you’re right or now.

This is the perfect time to announce something big about UQ Holder

After a bit of a decline is quality (at least in my opinion) the manga’s gone into some of the most exciting content it’s ever been in.  Adding to the excitement of the last couple of chapters by announcing an anime will make the talk about UQ Holder all the more active.

Many fan favorite characters from Negima have came back recently

Many fan favorite characters from Negima have came back recently

This is not the first time we’ve gotten a UQ Holder announcement though, so don’t put hopes too high.  A couple of months ago there was a T-Shirt, about a month before that there was a blanket.  This new announcement is get to be released in Weekly Shonen Magazine on Tuesday, though we’ll probably get a leak sometime tomorrow or Sunday.  I personally believe this will be an announcement for an anime, but that might just be my hope talking.

What do you think the announcement will be? Another shirt? An anime? Are you skeptical about a future UQ Holder anime after seeing what they did to Negima? Leave your thoughts below.

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