Fans of 2015’s anime Charlotte and The Asterisk War better get their wallets out cause Aniplex of America released their trailers with dubs attached and announced the series Blu-Ray sets.

Charlotte BD 1

Along with the dub news, last night Aniplex of America announced that they would be releasing pizza sauce inducing anime, Charlotte in two sets with two Blu-Ray discs in each, which seems to be the new standard from Aniplex.  The sets will be released on August 16th and November 15th, with a couple of months between them. The sets will contain seven and six episodes respectively and have a steep SRP of $94.98, and a retail price of $74.98.

The dub will feature the voices of:

Personally, I haven’t watched Charlotte, and I haven’t watched a lot of dubs, but this one sounds fairly decent, and makes me want to watch the show a bit!

The Asterisk War V2 Cover A

Additionally, AniplexUSA announced that last Fall’s The Asterisk War will be getting released over two Blu-Ray sets with two discs each.  Each set will contain six episodes of the show.  These sets will be released on September 20th for Volume 1 and on November 22nd for Volume 2.

Strangely, unlike Charlotte, there will be a limited edition and standard edition for The Asterisk War. The limited edition has an SRP of $114.98 and a retail price of $89.98. For the more thrifty, the standard editions have a SRP of $74.98 and a retail price of $59.98.

The dub cast:

AniplexUSA also announced some of the additional supporting cast for The Asterisk War, which you can find at the end of the trailer. I reckon, based on the trailer that the dub sounds decent, with the exception of Saya, but really, can a decent dub save this show? Probably not.


Hopefully, fans of these series enjoy the sets and dubs, we’ll find out how they are when they come out later this year.

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