It’s always interesting to jump into the mindset of a group of people in a historical moment. As the Trump administration approaches, what a better way to divide the country even more than to see who was watching what anime (on Crunchyroll), when he was elected.

It’s been a few months since the 2016 US Presidential Elections and we’re still feeling the ramifications of it. The world is being divided, Nazi’s are being normalised, and something going on between Putin and Trump? Personally, I’m surprised I didn’t see any doujinshi at Comiket a few weeks back.

Where did Trump win, and what anime were they watching?

A few weeks before the election last year, Crunchyroll posted a map showing the most popular anime by state, during the start of the fall season of anime. Based on the first episode, at the time of publication. Which gives us a great data point to see who was watching what when they voted for either Clinton or Trump. Or other, but for this exercise, we’ll just be looking at the only two that mattered.

I used the map that Miles from Crunchyroll made and overlayed with an electoral college winning map. You can see which state voted by their colours, but it’s hard to see exactly who was watching what where.

Trump Anime

The above, poorly made, map shows one thing: The US has diverse tastes. And that more time needed to be spent in Photoshop. Looking past that at the raw data, seven different shows were the most watched in America in October 2017:

  • Drifters with 17 different states
  • Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans S2 with 2 different states
  • Keijo!!!!!!! with 9 different states
  • Haikyuu! S3 with 3 different states
  • Izetta: The Last Witch with 9 different states
  • Yuri on Ice! with 10 different states
  • Bungo Stray Dogs S2 with only one state, Arkansas

Drowning the stats

Drifters and Keijo were pretty evenly watched across the country, with only one state between each of them. Apparently, action and butts are bi-partisan. While both Yuri on Ice and Izetta were both favoured heavily by Trump voting states. With nearly 4x as many Trump states watching them versus Clinton states. Maybe the butts and Yuri on Ice have something in common among Republicans.

What is interesting is that no Democratic states had Gundam on their most watched, with all two states going to Trump. While Haikyuu had no Republican states watching, with all three states serving blue votes. Trump voters were taking a few cues on how geopolitics will play out in the future and how to combat it. They need to make sure Gjallarhorn is America First. And Clinton supporters are … er … watching great animation? Haikyuu is a great show, you should watch it.

trump Anime

Gotta make sure Gjallarhorn is America First and not on anyone else’s side!

Here’s the full list in alphabetic order

State Favorite Anime Voted
Alabama Drifters Republican
Alaska Izetta: The Last Witch Republican
Arizona Yuri!!! On ICE Republican
Arkansas Bungo Stray Dogs Republican
California Drifters Democrat
Colorado Drifters Democrat
Connecticut Keijo!!!!!!!! Democrat
Delaware Izetta: The Last Witch Democrat
District of Columbia Haikyu!! Democrat
Florida Drifters Republican
Georgia Keijo!!!!!!!! Republican
Hawaii Haikyu!! Democrat
Idaho Izetta: The Last Witch Republican
Illinois Haikyu!! Democrat
Indiana Yuri!!! On ICE Republican
Iowa Mobile Suit Gundam IBO Republican
Kansas Yuri!!! On ICE Republican
Kentucky Yuri!!! On ICE Republican
Louisiana Drifters Republican
Maine Drifters Democrat
Maryland Keijo!!!!!!!! Democrat
Massachusetts Keijo!!!!!!!! Republican
Michigan Drifters Republican
Minnesota Keijo!!!!!!!! Democrat
Mississippi Keijo!!!!!!!! Republican
Missouri Keijo!!!!!!!! Republican
Montana Izetta: The Last Witch Republican
Nebraska Izetta: The Last Witch Republican
Nevada Drifters Democrat
New Hampshire Drifters Democrat
New Jersey Drifters Democrat
New Mexico Yuri!!! On ICE Democrat
New York Keijo!!!!!!!! Democrat
North Carolina Drifters Republican
North Dakota Mobile Suit Gundam IBO Republican
Ohio Yuri!!! On ICE Republican
Oklahoma Drifters Republican
Oregon Yuri!!! On ICE Democrat
Pennsylvania Yuri!!! On ICE Republican
Rhode Island Drifters Democrat
South Carolina Drifters Republican
South Dakota Izetta: The Last Witch Republican
Tennessee Drifters Republican
Texas Izetta: The Last Witch Republican
Utah Yuri!!! On ICE Republican
Vermont Izetta: The Last Witch Democrat
Virginia Keijo!!!!!!!! Democrat
Washington Drifters Democrat
West Virginia Drifters Republican
Wisconsin Yuri!!! On ICE Republican
Wyoming Izetta: The Last Witch Republican

What does this tell us?

Nothing really at all to be honest. Crunchyroll’s median age for free viewers is 18, with 75% of all visitors to the site being under 35. And with the majority of young Americans not going out to vote, these two data points can’t really correlate because they’re most two different demographics. Though the title of “Trump Voters (Children): What Anime They Were Watching When (Their Parents Were) Voting” just doesn’t sound as good.

Fun fact: When pitching this article to a few friends, I was told I should also use PornHub’s data as well. I didn’t learn by category for each state, but people who watched Yuri on Ice spent less time on PornHub than people who watched Drifters and Keijo. Take that information however you’d like.

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