Tell me if you’ve heard this one before, after his older sister sheds her skin, a young boy decides to try it on, but then it fuses to him and he turns into a girl. If you have heard that one before, congratulations you’re just as strange as me, if not, it’s time to learn about Transmigration Girl.

Transmigration Girl 2

Transmigration Girl is a very weird manga.  It’s a series of five one shots, and one epilogue.  Each on takes place in a different world where metamorphosis is how humans grow up.  Each of these worlds is similar, but the transformations work in slightly different ways.  In each one shot a character goes through metamorphosis and changes sex.  They all are very strange, and interestingly enough, all the stories in the collection are considered strange by the characters.  While transformation is normal in all the stories, it isn’t normal to change sex.

Transmigration Girl 1

What exactly happens in Transmigration Girl?

Now I’m going to give a short rundown of the one shots so you know what you’re getting into.  I won’t spoil the endings though.

The first one is about a world where everybody goes through puberty in one shot, and becomes a full teenager in one night.  It follows a boy who is the only one in class to not have transformed.  When he finally does transform he finds that he’s become a woman.  The second is the one I mentioned earlier about the boy wearing his sister’s skin, and probably the most out there of the bunch.  The third is about a boy on the swim team who’s been noticing some changes happening to his body.  The fourth is about a boy who goes to the country side to spend time with his cousin.  The final is about two members of a high school soccer club that get stranded on a “cursed island”.  The epilogue is a sequel to the first one shot.

How is Transmigration Girl weird?

Transmigration Girl is inherently weird, the entire gender bending concept is odd. I really like the concept though, not because it’s weird, though I won’t deny that it is, but it’s a strange concept, it’s a fantasy, one that’s alluring to me and I think it can tell really good stories.

On the surface Transmigration Girl might seem weird because it’s a gender bender, but I think there’s more to it than that. At this point I’m pretty desensitized to the concept since I’ve read so much of it, though I still find Transmigration Girl that little bit strange. I think this has to do with the whole cocoon thing it has going on. There’s also a chapter about amphibian transformation, haven’t seen that before done in a series. I can’t say I’ve read any other manga that have humans going into cocoons, Transmigration Girl gives me that. Odd as it may be.

Transmigration Girl 3

I’d like to stress the fact that weird and bad aren’t the same thing. I think Transmigration Girl is actually a pretty nice series.

What makes Transmigration Girl good?

One of the strongest aspects of the this manga is that many of them has great emotional cores. From the idea that two friends will be true rivals once one transforms, or that one transforms because they have trust in another. There is a lot to like beyond the weirdness, which is important for a series like this. If this manga was just “boy becomes girl from cocoon” then it wouldn’t be as good. Transmigration Girl 4

The reason for weirdness

I think weirdness is something that shouldn’t be ignored. If it was, we wouldn’t get weird stories that break the social stigma, and we wouldn’t have gotten Transmigration Girl. It may not be the best thing I’ve ever read, but I think I’ll remember it for years to come. By accepting the weirdness of Transmigration Girl and other manga like it we’ll continue to get interesting and strange stories such as this one. This doesn’t mean we have to accept bad strange stories just because they’re strange. Just that you should show your support for media you appreciate, because that’s how we get more.

Transmigration Girl 5

In the end…

So is Transmigration Girl worth checking out? I’d say yes. It really depends on your taste though. That being said I do think that many people could get something out of it, even if it’s just a creeped out feeling. I’d like to point out that being weirded out by something isn’t bad, it’s natural. It’s fine to think this manga is weird and bad, don’t let my experience tell you otherwise. I just wanted to explore the good side of being weirded out.

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