The official website of AKB48 released an announcement on June 9th, 2016 stating that it is necessary to re-consider AKB48‘s Chinese sister group SNH48(Shanghai48)‘s status within the organisation.

No more SNH48?

The details in the announcement explain that the reconsideration is because of SNH48‘s local management that has violated the contract, therefore AKB48 have removed all SNH48 related advertisement as well as the SNH48 banner from it’s website.

The announcement also states that SNH48‘s 2 sisters groups BEJ48(Beijing48) and GNZ48(Guangzhou48) have no connection with the AKB48 group.

No SNH48 Banner to be seen.

No SNH48 Banner to be seen.






Official Announcement from the AKB48 website

Like previously mentioned, SNH48 is (or maybe was) the Shanghai based Chinese sister group of the AKB48 Group which started in 2012, with it being the 2nd non-Japan based 48 Group in the world. The first being JKT48 which is based in Jakarta, Indonesia which started back in 2011. Similarly to JKT48, most of SNH48‘s singles were official covers of popular AKB48 singles like Flying GetKoi Suru Fortune Cookie Halloween Night. However unlike JKT48SNH48 has pretty recently started to release their own original singles which might be a cause for the reconsideration of their relationship with the AKB48 Group, however that’s pure speculation.

Above is SNH48‘s iteration of AKB48‘s popular song, Halloween Night.

The first generation members of SNH48‘s 2 sisters groups BEJ48 and GNZ48 were revealed at the same time on April 20th, 2016. This could once again be a cause for the reconsideration considering JKT48 has made no initiative to start it’s own sister groups, however this is once again pure speculation.

Obviously as the news is just breaking right now, we’ll keep you all updated with what’s going on between this split up of idol groups.

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