About the Writers

We here at Fighting for Nippon are a diverse bunch, so here’s where you can get to know us a little better.

Daryl Harding

You’re friendly neighbourhood admin and editor-in-chief here! When I’m not being angry at the world because they can’t research, making YouTube videos, or helping out in the social space, I’m photogenerally either watching anime, reading manga, or spending way too much time on YouTube actually watching it.

I’m way too much into Kyoto Animation and Yamada-san, probably to an unhealthy degree. My favourite anime of all time will always be The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, yet I can never decide on a second favourite one. Also a lover of idols, Pokemon, and the Shaft head tilt.

You can follow me on Twitter, or at the YouTube channel.

Nicolas Guaqueta Hofs


Sup everyone, name’s Nic. I’m the one who is in charge of everything idol related here at Fighting for Nippon. This can be either the latest news on members & singles or articles to help get people more easily introduced & invested into the wonderful world of idols.

Now when it comes to anime, I’m basically down for everything as long as I enjoy it. And the same goes for manga. However because I tend to consume anime & manga for enjoyment reasons I’m not too knowledgeable when it comes too staff which is why I will most of the time leave it to my co-writers to cover stuff related to that. Although I am quite knowledgeable when it comes to Japanese voice actors! (Praise the Goddess known as Nana Mizuki!)

As for non anime, manga & idol related stuff, I’m quite a big Tokusatsu fan. I do plan to write some articles related to that stuff, however considering not a lot of is legally available it is a little difficult to do so. But that’s me, hope I’ll be able to write some interesting articles & posts for you all to enjoy reading.

Jackson Wyndow

5b6edb518df3cf93801b205dfc5c1ab7Some say Jackson was born with a large coffee in one hand and a pen in the other. An angry boy at birth, the only things that could silence him were edgy Seinen anime. Ever since he has grown old enough to refine the edge to a pinpoint, he’s been writing about anime for fun. After a failed stint writing about anime over at his own blog, Valiant Ghost he volunteered at Fighting For Nippon. When he’s got the time he writes essay-like posts about an underlying theme in an anime. Jackson is secretly sure none of the meaning is there, but he writes about it anyway.

Joking aside, my name is Jackson Wyndow. I’m an Australian student and coffee addict currently living in New Zealand. As I have no one to talk about anime with in real life, writing about it helped me express my thoughts, but also satisfied my intrinsic desire to write something. Most of the stuff I write is essay-like posts, as I suck at writing reviews.

Jonathan Rizko


Hello there readers, I’m Jonathan or JR Pictures (call me whatever you want, I’m not your boss). I got my noble start into anime during the year of 2013, my last year of high school interestingly enough. Between my Youtube channel, my growing collection of DVDs, Blu-rays and merchandise and my writing endeavours on here. It’s most certainly an obsession that wont stop any time soon. You’ll regularly see me write up on any news striking the anime world, most often including English dub related stuff for which I’m quite a big fan of. I also write the occasional editorial discussing aspects of shows that I’m very fond of or are my absolute favourites. So keep an eye out, I’ll appreciate it. And if you wanna see what anime I’m watching, check out my Hummingbird page, I always keep it updated. Also I have no waifu and never will.




Hey, I’m AniTess a writer for Fighting for Nippon, (well sometimes) mostly I use my spare time building my ever-growing harem of anime girls and idols.

I am currently based in Melbourne and spend most of my time cosplaying, catching up on seasonal anime and perving on the cute anime girls. My knowledge of animators and staff is in need of work however I love paying close attention to artists styles and the way they evolve. In most cases I can deal with a weak soundtrack or cheap animation but if I have a strong dislike of an anime’s art and design it can take me a long time to get past it and just enjoy the show.

Alex Jackson


I’m Alex Jackson (pen name) but you’ve might’ve seen my around the wired going by the name Thehoennhippo.  I’ve been mildly interested in Japanese media for a long time, being half Japanese.  That being said I only got into anime in 2014  As for what I write about here at Fighting For Nippon, I write about manga for the most part. That being said anime isn’t out of the question. I also do a decent chunk of the news articles. My main forte with otaku media are slice of life and gender bender, so those make up most of my posts here. My favorite shows are ones that have a sense of realism that make moments impact the characters impact me as well.  While I’ve never wrote about them on here I can’t shut up about Kyoto Animation. I also have an interest in otaku culture and the way critique and analysis play into it.  Because of that I might discuss that from time to time. Overall I hope that what I write can make people potentially further appreciate a work they’ve read, or introduce them to it. If what I write is interesting that means I’ve done my job well!

Chris Haase

img_20161003_094959Yo, my name is Chris, and I’m honestly just lurking around until Rie Matsumoto’s next project is announced. But until then, I might as well watch other anime, read manga and cry over how much I like them. With characters and their interaction being my main focus when watching shows, I’m always looking for modern anime that defy the common sense of what modern anime are. What do I mean with that? To be fair, I’m not quite sure myself, but Kyousougiga is great, and that’s all that matters. No, seriously. That. Is. All. That. Matters. I don’t follow seasonal anime all too much, with a few exceptions every now and then, but very much enjoy analyzing and rambling about new openings whenever a new series comes around. I also procrastinate a lot and am bad with deadlines, but always active on Twitter, except when I sleep, which I do a lot, I guess?


avatar_yuuHello! My name is Grace and I’m a twenty-something women who still watches children’s cartoons and fluffy anime. I got into anime in 2007 when I was 13. I started with anime’s biggest hits back in the day like InuYasha, Bleach, Naruto and Ranma ½. Once I entered my weird, awkward high school years, wishing for companionship and intimacy, my favorite genres of anime became to be shoujo, slice of life, comedy, drama and boys love. It wasn’t until I started college that I began watching my anime with a more critical eye, along with surrounding myself with other critical anime watchers. Being inspired by the likes of Nostalgia Critic, Bennett The Sage, Nostalgia Chick, and other internet critics, I wanted to start writing my thoughts on the anime I watched the more I got into writing.

I’m currently pursuing my graduate education in communication studies, living in suburban Pennsylvania. My other interests include cartoons, simulation games,Tumblr, YouTube, podcasts, movies, drawing, graphic design and pop culture news. (Art by: Owynart)