Month: October 2016

Kiss Him Not Me

Kiss Him Not Me! Episode 2 Anime Review – Otaku Gender Double-Standard?

Serinuma is kicking soccer balls and hitting the books in this week’s episode of Kiss Him Not Me! After Serinuma becomes more nimble after her weight loss, the soccer team...

/ October 18, 2016

Drifters Anime Episode 2 review – Opening of the End

One of the main complaints I read about last week’s episode of Drifters was that nothing actually happened. Guy fought in a battle, went to a place, sat around a...

/ October 17, 2016

Newly Announced Seiren TV Anime Adds PV and Release Date

The previously announced TV Anime collaboration by TBS and Kisai Takayama has been fully unveiled. The anime was announced in August, but now has the name of Seiren.

/ October 15, 2016

The Story an Opening can tell – Haikyuu Season 3 Opening Analysis

The boys of Karasuno High are once again on the court in Haikyuu, and their opponent is the mighty Shiratorizawa!

/ October 15, 2016

New Hand Shakers Anime PV and Key Visuals Introduces Characters

The brand new anime series from studio GoHands, Hand Shakers has revealed a brand new trailer as well as two new key visuals, all showcasing the main cast.

/ October 14, 2016
Sound! Euphonium

Sound! Euphonium S2 Episode 1 Anime Review – The Fireworks of New Beginnings

Kyoto Animation is my favourite animation studio, and has been since I started watching anime as I know it. To me, the best show, from a technical standpoint, was Ishihara’s Chunnibyou. That...

/ October 14, 2016

Occultic;Nine Episode 1 Anime Review – Ultra C-cups?

It’s about time to trade in your time traveling microwave for some thing a bit more paranormal. Steins;Gate creator, Chiyomaru Shikura‘s latest work Occultic;Nine has finished it’s first episode and includes demons, and spirt...

/ October 11, 2016